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  • 2019: A busy and exciting year ahead

    19th December 2018   |   Software Updates

    We have been wrapping up this year in style with company updates and enhancements to our ever-evolving platform.

    Some of our latest updates included a new dialler integration with one of the best cloud-based dialler solutions on the market. We completed improvements on our document production functionality for generating full Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) and Trust Deed proposals, and we enhanced the IVA decision procedure with better storage of votes and modifications for creditors.

    Earlier this year, we released the “Push to” functionality, which allows introducers to easily push packaged cases to Insolvency Practitioners, and set notifications to get real-time updates on their cases, so that they can follow closely the stages of each case.

    Now that 2019 is fast approaching, we’re looking at the year ahead with eagerness to keep working on making HubSolv further valuable to our users.

    Here’s a peek at what’s coming:


    We are upgrading our PHP platform, in order to improve software performance and make our infrastructure more stable, secure, and scalable.


    We are improving our powerful Workflow builder to further expand its functionality and update its interface. We are also looking to give our HubSolv user interface a face lift, as part of our continuous efforts to provide great user experience throughout.

    New features

    We’re introducing Creditor desk: a new module dedicated to creditor communication, with an advanced document & file management portal to suit the specific needs of insolvency practitioners and creditors.


    We’re looking to expand our in-house support team, with an aim to reduce our response times to a minimum. Based on the last 3 months, our customer satisfaction rating is at a whooping 99%. We are proud about this, and as we grow, we remain committed to supporting our customers with the highest standards of service.

    Rebranding: HubSolv Messenger

    Our expansion is going beyond walls, as the development of our latest product, Ibby, has led us to explore other markets. We are further defining the identity of our new product, while rebranding our dedicated HubSolv client portal, now called: HubSolv Messenger. This is a great opportunity for us to strengthen the image and personality of HubSolv Messenger, at the same time this instant messaging portal keeps attracting interest from industry players; especially for its widely popular Credit Search and Bank Connect features.

    There’s more to come, so watch this space for further updates!

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