Think Money Group

Think Money Group are one of the largest financial services companies in the UK specialising in debt solutions and lending solutions for consumers.

Initially Think Money approached HubSolv to connect with the network of introducers that use HubSolv to create a standardised method for passing qualified insolvency and debt management cases to them.

This allowed them to rapidly scale their case load and manage their partners through calendar booking integrations for their SIP calls. HubSolv also set up automated reporting for all their partners to reduce admin around reporting results manually.

HubSolv then worked extensively with Think Money to automate large parts of the drafting process including document production for proposals, automatic fee calculating and more.


“From an insolvency software perspective, they’ve nailed it. They’ve changed the way we do business. It works from the browser and is mobile friendly. Being able to accept cases from other companies using HubSolv has standardised the way we receive¬†new business and strengthened relationships with all our partners. The reporting, document template automation, credit search & bank connect functionality, built in SMS & emailing has really advanced our processes.”¬†


Lee McNeil, Director of Freeman Jones

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