• HubSolv’s Refer & Earn Programme

    1st May 2019   |   Company

    Click here to get referring!

    We want to reward our valued customers for their loyalty and trust in us, so we are introducing a new referral programme to give you the opportunity to refer friends and business associates to us, in exchange for rewards.

    Do you know any companies that would benefit from signing up with HubSolv? Refer them to us and you could earn £250 account credit for every business you bring to us (up to £1,000 per year).

    Here’s how it works:

    1- You refer a company or business by sharing their contact details with us here.
    2- We get in contact with your referrals within 3 working days.
    3- For every new account that signs up with HubSolv from your referral and completes their first payment, we will credit your HubSolv account with £250 within 48 hours.

    You can refer as many firms as you like, but we will limit the rewards to 4 (up to £1,000 account credit) per account per year.

    At HubSolv, we believe that expanding our network can help everyone in the business to work better together. #HubSolvRewards

    Go to this page to get referring! And check this page for terms & conditions.


  • HubSolv Shortlisted at the Credit Strategy Awards 2019

    15th April 2019   |   Company

    Here at HubSolv, we are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories at the prestigious Credit Strategy Awards 2019, the largest awards scheme in the credit industry.

    The Credit Strategy Awards comes back every year to cover the entire UK credit market and reward the best and most successful companies in the business.

    HubSolv have been shortlisted for the following 2 categories:

    Best Use of Technology

    As a software provider committed to help insolvency and debt firms to manage cases more efficiently, we are delighted to be recognised as a contender for this award.

    We are a company that thrives on innovation and technology. With over 4 years in the SaaS world and extensive experience with the insolvency industry, we have made of HubSolv a recognisable brand in the industry with our fully automated solutions, powering over 2,500 cases that pass through our system every month.

    Credit Information Provider of the Year

    The award shortlisting in the Credit Information Provider of the Year tops off a strong year for us, having recently completed the rebranding of our client portal, HubSolv Messenger, and enhanced the tool with new features.

    HubSolv Messenger allows users to run credit searches to instantly find out about individuals’ credit commitments; creditors and amounts outstanding, with full credit reference numbers. Firms can verify ID, get Bank Statements, Credit Reports, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks and verify income to easily identify individuals’ affordability.

    Seeing our company as a finalist at the #CreditAwards is a reflection of our efforts in providing technology solutions that improve efficiencies and drive results for our customers.

    We’re honoured, and we look forward to the awards ceremony on 16th May at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, when the winners will be revealed.

    Click here to find out more.


  • New Look & New Features for HubSolv Messenger

    4th February 2019   |   Company

    We have now completed the rebranding of our automated client portal – previously known as Ibby – under the name HubSolv Messenger. What’s more, we have enriched the tool with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Reports.

    Why a rebrand? 

    As we expand and evolve our products, the original Ibby branding has moved to become part of our latest development project to explore other markets. We took this opportunity to reshape the identity of HubSolv Messenger.

    With this rebrand, our aim is to strengthen the relationship between HubSolv and our client portal – and re-establish the promise of the fully-integrated solutions that we offer you with the HubSolv suite.

    Read more about the rebranding in this press release.

    New feature: AML Reports

    More than a new brand, we’ve also made HubSolv Messenger better! You can now carry out Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks in an instant. We have rolled out this feature for some of our customers, who are making the most of AML reports to save time and improve KYC and AML regulatory compliance. If you’re interested in AML checks, get in touch!

    Book a free live demo

    HubSolv Messenger connects HubSolv users and their clients with instant messaging to verify individuals’ ID, pull Credit Reports, AML checks, Bank Statements, and upload documents – all with the click of a button. 

    Get in touch to book a free live demo. We’ll be happy to show you in a short session how easy it is to get set up with HubSolv Messenger and start making the most of the tool’s automations.

    View the explainer video


  • PHP Developer? We’re hiring!

    20th December 2018   |   Company

    We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented PHP Developer to join our growing development team. You’ll be working with (and learning from!) a skilled and experienced team on some exciting projects, using the latest techniques and technologies designed to create quality software.

    You need to be PHP framework savvy (Laravel preferred), have worked on real-world customer-facing projects and be able to demonstrate that you understand maintainable and scalable coding. You need to be someone who takes pride in their work, has a strong sense of ownership and is obsessive about attention to detail. A self-starter, you’ll be working in a small and supportive team where individual contribution and ownership is paramount.


    • Take ownership of product development and improvement projects.

    • Maintain and develop new features across multiple existing and new products.

    • Input into early-stage product innovation, scoping and continuous improvement.

    Essential experience

    • Minimum 2 years application development experience in PHP.

    • PHP frameworks – Laravel preferred, Symfony accepted.

    • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of maintainable, scalable coding.

    Preferred experience

    • Front end skills with JavaScript and frameworks (VueJS, jQuery preferred).

    • Understand and/or experience of WebSocket applications.

    • Understand the unique challenges of working with large datasets.

    Start date


    About us

    This is an exciting opportunity to join our innovative, forward-thinking team. We offer flexible working hours, competitive salary, and the opportunity to work in our non-corporate office in the heart of Glasgow City.

    If you’d like to be part of a growing tech startup, we’d love to hear from you.

  • 99% of Customers Satisfied

    12th December 2018   |   Company

    For us at HubSolv, customers are at the heart of our business. Ever since we embarked on our journey in the SaaS world 4 years ago, we’ve relied on our passionate team for providing the best possible service – and our personalised, hands-on support has made a big difference to our customers.

    We are fully committed to always deliver the highest standards of service and we are very pleased to see that our efforts have been paying off.

    Our Customer Satisfaction ratings show that 99% of customers are happy with their support experience*.

    What our customers think means the world to us, so we’re giving ourselves a pat on the back! And we want to thank our customers for placing their trust in us and giving us a chance to provide them with our services.

    Looking ahead, we are focusing on reducing our customer service response times to a minimum. We want to make sure that providing quality support remains one of our core values at HubSolv, so we will be expanding our in-house support team; to sustain our growth and ensure our business is always well structured to deliver the best service.

    The enduring tradition of great customer service will remain key to who we are and how we do business at HubSolv.


    *Based on 827 surveys sent to customers to rate our support, between September and December 2018.



  • GDPR Compliance Updates

    25th May 2018   |   Company

    GDPR Background

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect into force on May 25th, 2018 as a way to standardise data protection laws across EU countries. The new regulation replaced the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive and imposes new rules on controlling and processing Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

    The GDPR has been widely perceived as a way forward in the protection of personal data and data protection rights, giving control of personal information back to EU residents.


    Our GDPR efforts

    At HubSolv, we highly respect individuals’ privacy, and we share the opinion that the GDPR helps to give people more control over how companies and EU organisations collect and use their personal data.

    Under the GDPR, and because of the nature of how HubSolv collects information, we’re considered a ‘Data Processor’, while our customers are considered ‘Data Controllers’. As Data Processors, we have been assessing our role and our commitment to our customers, in order to ensure the highest standards of privacy, security and compliance.

    On our journey to prepare for GDPR compliance, we have made changes to our software to help HubSolv users to comply with GDPR requirements:


    Contact Consent

    A key aspect that changes with GDPR is user consent to receive information, and how this consent is collected. In line with the new rules, we have added additional fields to the Client Details section, to reflect the level of consent you have captured for contacting your clients.

    This update is meant to help you ensure you have the appropriate consent for delivering certain type of information to your customers.


    Data storage & deletion

    We’ve rolled out a new action to permanently delete clients’ details, based on specific triggers.

    For more details about our changes and updates to comply with GDPR, please read our GDPR article.


    Assessing your compliance

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has put together a series of data protection self-assessment checklists, to help organisations to evaluate their processes and find out about actions required to achieve full compliance with data protection and GDPR.

    To find our more about GDPR. visit the government’s guidance page.

  • Launch of HubSolv’s Client Portal

    8th June 2017   |   Company

    On the 8th of June 2017, we celebrated the launch of HubSolv’s client portal – a simple yet powerful instant messaging tool to transform the way you communicate with clients.

    Ibby is a web-based application that allows users to chat one-to-one and exchange information in real-time to verify credit search, bank transactional data and ID’s. The portal connects seamlessly with HubSolv, so all files are stored against individual cases for a faster, optimised case management process.

    The release of HubSolv’s client messenger provides a modern solution to improve communication and efficiency – making it much easier to qualify customers for debt cases and lending options. It is a well-known fact that Millennials are more comfortable sharing personal information via text and messaging apps than through any other media, which presents the opportunity for businesses to gather data in a quick and secure environment.

    Our exclusive launching event took place at the King Street Town House Hotel in Manchester, where we presented the exciting new tool to a group of carefully selected industry guests. It was a fantastic occasion to celebrate the launch and network with our industry peers, who welcomed the introduction of the Ibby with great feedback.

    Author’s note: In February 2019, we rebranded our client portal and changed the name from Ibby to HubSolv Messenger.


  • HubSolv are now ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

    6th February 2017   |   Company

    Our previous article on Cyber Essentials highlighted the UK’s attempt to tighten cyber security, and as previously mentioned the cyber essentials scheme was just the beginning.

    ISO 27001 2013 is a progression from this; it is the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS). Accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that an organisation is following international information security best practices.

    What this means to us, is that since September 2016, we have been working with QMS to create our own security management system – this is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls which are involved in our information risk management process – and unlike the Cyber Essential Scheme which requires an organisation to implement all of the guidelines, ISO 27001 2013 is tailored to our organisation – so to be certified and maintain the certification you need to adhere to your own information security management system (ISMS), created by you – and it is this system which you are audited on.

    We found that by creating the ISMS it made us examine our internal processes. We now have an audit trail of every procedure that we conduct in the office on a day to day basis. Drafting policies on an array of areas assisted us in identifying gaps that we had in our management process. However, the greatest benefit of drafting the ISMS was that it outlined the expectations of our staff so they now know exactly what is expected of them to ensure we deliver the most consistent and transparent service to our clients; whilst keeping their data safe, and secure.

    We also implemented our quality management system late last year and feel ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 go hand in hand; in simple terms, ISO 9001 signifies that we can demonstrate to our customers that the systems we have in place meet the high standards imposed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

    We must continuously show our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs by operating efficient management processes and delivering quality products and services to our clients.

    We are annually audited by a third party to ensure our systems are maintained and any non-conformances are noted for correction, which in turn ensures that we are always evolving, growing and developing as a company.

    Gaining ISO 9001 certification puts focus on the client, and ensures that we provide good customer service, whilst assisting us in improving customer satisfaction.

    Achieving both ISO 27001 2013 and ISO 9001 certification reiterates that we provide our customers with the most secure environment for their data, whilst providing them with quality care and support.

  • HubSolv are now Cyber Essentials certified

    18th November 2016   |   Company

    Since the dawn of the internet cyber-attacks have been a real intangible threat. Fortunately, we recognised this prior to launching HubSolv, and also understood that most data breaches are caused by companies failing to implement basic security measures. So, from the beginning we took cyber security seriously, taking steps to protect our client’s data such as;

    • Carrying out a Penetration test whereby, a third party tried to breach our systems- which in turn highlighted any bugs to us which we then rectified.
    • Implementing a firewall to make sure our clients data was protected

    However, this was us using our own initiative, wanting to ensure the safety of our client’s data-we were not compelled to do any of the above. It was not until the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy were instructed to carry out a report into cyber security that the industry could sigh a breath of relief- that the government realised the current legislation surrounding cyber security was outdated and lacklustre.

    The recommendations lead to the introduction of the cyber essential scheme (CES), which recognises the gravity of cyber-attack, and put simply the CES set out guidelines in relation to;

    1. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – these are devices designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks, but good setup of these devices either in hardware or software form is important for them to be fully effective.
    2. Secure configuration – ensuring that systems are configured in the most secure way for the needs of the organisation.
    3. Access control – Ensuring only those who should have access to systems to have access and at the appropriate level.
    4. Malware protection – ensuring that virus and malware protection is installed and is it up to date.
    5. Patch management – ensuring the latest supported version of applications is used and all the necessary patches supplied by the vendor been applied.

    This is a set of measures which strengthens the Data Protection Act, but the benefits to all businesses with an internet presence is huge. As, when the CES guidelines are fully implemented it puts all companies on a level playing field, allowing them to be compared in terms of their cyber security. Furthermore, the CES guidelines gives companies like ours a baseline, which we can then surpass.

    Moreover, a benefit of the CES, is that it saves money for SMEs; as these safe guards demonstrate to insurance companies that you have taken the necessary precautions to mitigate cyber risks, which in turn lowers your insurance premiums.

    There are those who argue that the guidelines should be the icing on the cake, as alone they are not sufficient- even acting as a smoke screen giving a false pretence of cyber security. But, in our opinion the CES highlights the risks of cyber security to novice companies, and starts the conversation on ways to combat the risk, which is a positive.

    We have also found that implementing these guidelines forced us to re-examine our processes and to effectively implement the recommendations we have had to do a lot of ground work to successfully achieve them. So in reality we have used the CES as a stepping stone to tighten up our cyber security.

    There is only so much the government can do, as realistically if the guidelines were greater the price of implementing them would be unobtainable for a lot of SMEs which would then defeat the purpose of providing a level playing field.

    We feel that any certification that assures clients that their data is safe should be seen as a positive, and are happy to announce that we have jumped on the CES bandwagon early, working hard to implement the guidelines. We hope that all SME’s like us, are currently working hard to do the same- this is just the beginning.

  • HubSolv joins DEMSA as Associate Member

    30th October 2015   |   Company

    HubSolv has become an Associate Member of the Debt Managers Standards Association (DEMSA).

    As leading company providing a debt management & insolvency software solution, we are excited to join DEMSA’s growing number of firms that support the debt and insolvency sector.

    The CEO of DEMSA, Kevin Still, commented on the news that the addition of HubSolv as an Associate Member extends the range of expertise available to the debt advice and debt solution companies that are part of the Association. “Our goal at DEMSA is to partner with Associate Members that help our Member companies to operate best practice, using compliant systems and processes.”

    “The FCA Thematic Review into the quality of debt advice, published in June 2015, not only looked at the delivery of advice but the systems & controls in place to be able to deliver the right outcomes for indebted consumers. Recruiting Associate Members like HubSolv is, therefore, an important part of what we can deliver to our Members to help them comply with FCA regulations.”

    As a software provider, we at HubSolv recognise the importance of the challenges that the industry presents for firms and are fully committed to monitoring these challenges, in order to constantly incorporate appropriate levels of functionality to our system and processes, including data security and regular platform updates.