• Software solutions to minimise risk of failure in insolvency arrangements

    7th September 2019   |   Press Releases

    Failing IVAs and Trust Deeds have always been an issue in the personal insolvency industry. In the case of IVAs, the latest official statistics on failure rates have shown that, for the past four years, the percentage of IVAs failing within only the first three years has been on the rise.

    Reportedly, recent years have seen 9% of all IVAs failing within the first 12 months and double the percentage failing within the first 24 months.

    The reasons why an arrangement can fail are manifold, as debtors can miss months of repayments for multiple reasons – one issue is insolvency firms lacking the technology to gather all the relevant information for every case with ease and accuracy, to properly support their clients. Traditionally this is a lengthy, paper-based process. We’ve spent extensive time digitising this process for the benefit of both consumers and debt advice firms.

    The latest technologies can make a huge difference to get a clear view of individuals’ finances and affordability, helping to prevent arrangement failure.

    As a leading software provider, we at HubSolv have put increased emphasis on streamlining the IVA and Trust Deed process for all parties involved to help facilitate success of each case, from the moment of set up through to completion.

    An automated case management system can help insolvency professionals to get a more accurate picture of the debtor’s financial circumstances. At HubSolv, we are enriching the Income & Expenditure process with Open Banking technology to instantly provide accurate financial data.

    With integrated Open Banking, we can automatically populate information from the individual’s current account in real-time. The technology fully complies with the Standard Financial Statement and allows those in financial difficulty to share their data in a completely secure manner, for a full and accurate affordability assessment.

    The advances in case management systems assist in expediting the process for personal insolvency, but more importantly, they ensure transparency and accuracy in crucial stages, which helps to minimise the risk of arrangement failure.

    Advisors are able put forward a suitable solution based on an accurate picture of the client’s financial situation. Insolvency practitioners benefit from accurate information throughout the life of a case for debtors, while creditors can more easily forecast returns.

    With a focus on bringing transparency to the personal insolvency sector, we can also help to ensure consumers are treated more fairly and given the best advice for their unique situation.

    A smooth process from start to finish

    The role that Insolvency Practitioners and firms play to help people struggling with personal debt is becoming more important than ever. With the rising number of insolvency cases to process and the increase in failure rates, Insolvency Practitioners require software solutions that can significantly improve efficiencies and accuracy.

    The IVA or Trust Deed module in HubSolv helps insolvency practices to save time in all the stages of the process:

    Pre-appointment and Post-appointment modules with a workflow-based approach.

    Credit reporting and rule-based Income & Expenditure screens with an accurate decision process that suggests the most suitable solution for debtors.

    Secure meeting of creditors module to propose cases to creditors in a quick and easy way, submit modifications and register acceptance or rejection.

    Banking module to allow practices to automate arrears handling; payment of fees, dividends and collection of contributions.

    Automated messaging via email and SMS.

    Workflow automations easily configured to a company’s needs.

    Productivity enhancing tools including user tasking system, document templates, compliant document packs and fully customisable checklists.

    See article featured on ICAS website.


  • Enhanced IVA Module – making the Meeting of Creditors a breeze

    5th June 2019   |   Software Updates

    We have revised the IVA module within HubSolv, to make the process of proposing cases and holding the creditors’ meeting slicker and simpler.

    We have made a number of changes, especially within the Decision procedure tab, to streamline the process for insolvency practitioners and firms.  The module allows insolvency firms to propose cases to creditors by post, email or XML and store all claims, votes and modifications. The system will calculate the percentage acceptance based on the votes received, and suggest combinations of creditors that would reach the 75% acceptance.

    Creditors require a considerable amount of paperwork throughout the case – you can make the most of HubSolv’s templates to help with the process.

    There is a handy Read Only mode to help you to see how different scenarios would play out, for example if you decide to outvote one creditor over another, etc.

    When a case is approved, you can generate your documents such as the chair’s report within a few clicks, and send documents to the client and creditors to confirm the outcome of the meeting.

    HubSolv has a direct integration with Watch Portfolio Management making it quick and easy for firms to send the documents digitally and instantly, rather than by post.


  • AML checks: Know your customer and ensure compliance

    7th February 2019   |   Software Updates

    You can now carry out Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks in an instant with HubSolv Messenger – HubSolv’s client portal which allows users to verify ID, upload files, pull Credit Searches, Bank Statements, DVLA checks, and communicate with clients through instant messaging.

    The new AML checks are the perfect complement to the streamlined Credit reports that we provide with our automated client portal. We are bringing together all relevant data sources online in an automated way to help you save time, improve efficiency and meet KYC and AML regulatory compliance.

    It’s never been easier to verify your customers’ ID and make sure they are not engaged in any suspicious activity – our AML reports perform identity and residency matches and screen against sanction lists and databases for Personally Exposed Person (PEPs), SIPs (Special Interest Persons) and RCAs (Relatives and Close Associates).

    The role of IPs and how we can help

    Insolvency Practitioners have a key role to play in identifying and reporting suspicious money laundering activity as they investigate the conduct of companies and insolvent individuals. We at HubSolv want to play our part – with AML reports we can help our business partners to identify suspicions of money laundering and promote best practice in AML compliance.

    Recent updates on EU and UK AML rules show an increased focus on monitoring, mitigating anti-money laundering risks and due diligence processes, which is why e-KYC actions and AML checks are becoming more important for businesses.

    What HubSolv’s AML reports cover:

    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Residency
    • Accounts
    • Electoral Register DOB Match
    • Telephone confirmation
    • Mortality
    • County Court Judgments (CCJ)
    • Matches against UK/EU sanction list, PEPs, SIPs and RCAs.

    We have just rolled out the AML checks feature for some of our customers, who are already making the most of AML reports to save time and improve regulatory compliance. If you’re interested in AML checks, get in touch! Contact us at helpdesk@hubsolv.com

    Supporting #Flagitup

    With the release of our AML reports, we take the opportunity to express our support to #flagitup – the Government’s anti-money laundering campaign.

    ‘Flag it up’ was launched in October as a joint initiative to raise awareness of the warning signs of money laundering and to urge professionals in relevant sectors to report suspicious activity via a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

    Reportedly, there is a realistic possibility that the scale of money laundering impacting the UK annually is in the hundreds of billions of pounds. By flagging your suspicions of money laundering, you are helping to build a safer society.

    We want to help raise awareness and encourage industry players to do their due diligence. If you notice anything suspicious, #flagitup.

    #DirtyMoney has no place in the UK – play your part and keep it out. Know the signs, report the crime. #FlagItUphttps://flagitup.campaign.gov.uk/


  • 2019: A busy and exciting year ahead

    19th December 2018   |   Software Updates

    We have been wrapping up this year in style with company updates and enhancements to our ever-evolving platform.

    Some of our latest updates included a new dialler integration with one of the best cloud-based dialler solutions on the market. We completed improvements on our document production functionality for generating full Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) and Trust Deed proposals, and we enhanced the IVA decision procedure with better storage of votes and modifications for creditors.

    Earlier this year, we released the “Push to” functionality, which allows introducers to easily push packaged cases to Insolvency Practitioners, and set notifications to get real-time updates on their cases, so that they can follow closely the stages of each case.

    Now that 2019 is fast approaching, we’re looking at the year ahead with eagerness to keep working on making HubSolv further valuable to our users.

    Here’s a peek at what’s coming:


    We are upgrading our PHP platform, in order to improve software performance and make our infrastructure more stable, secure, and scalable.


    We are improving our powerful Workflow builder to further expand its functionality and update its interface. We are also looking to give our HubSolv user interface a face lift, as part of our continuous efforts to provide great user experience throughout.

    New features

    We’re introducing Creditor desk: a new module dedicated to creditor communication, with an advanced document & file management portal to suit the specific needs of insolvency practitioners and creditors.


    We’re looking to expand our in-house support team, with an aim to reduce our response times to a minimum. Based on the last 3 months, our customer satisfaction rating is at a whooping 99%. We are proud about this, and as we grow, we remain committed to supporting our customers with the highest standards of service.

    Rebranding: HubSolv Messenger

    Our expansion is going beyond walls, as the development of our latest product, Ibby, has led us to explore other markets. We are further defining the identity of our new product, while rebranding our dedicated HubSolv client portal, now called: HubSolv Messenger. This is a great opportunity for us to strengthen the image and personality of HubSolv Messenger, at the same time this instant messaging portal keeps attracting interest from industry players; especially for its widely popular Credit Search and Bank Connect features.

    There’s more to come, so watch this space for further updates!

  • Credit Reporting and Bank Statements made simple with HubSolv Messenger

    14th December 2018   |   Software Updates

    Since we introduced HubSolv Messenger (formerly Ibby) just over a year ago, we have seen an ever-increasing interest in the use of its features – in particular, the Credit Search and Bank Connect functionalities available through the portal.

    With the Credit reporting feature built in our platform, users are able to run a credit search on any debtor to instantly find out who the individual’s creditors are, see the exact amount outstanding and obtain full credit reference numbers.

    Credit reporting has long been a decades-old method, but we’re bringing the process to the 21st century with HubSolv Messenger, where credit searching takes only a few minutes. We make it simple and quick for Insolvency Firms to run partial or full credit searches, and get the information required to pass on to creditors with ease.

    Also, with our recently added e-KYC feature, companies are able to receive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) reports as part of the Credit Reporting process. Our AML checks electronically verify individuals’ identity and residency, and check the subject’s name against relevant sanction lists and databases to help companies with KYC and AML compliance.

    Our Bank Connect functionality, on the other hand, is a major benefit which allows you to access personal bank statements to verify a person’s income, detect and categorise transactions, and identify someone’s true affordability.

    For insolvency, lending and financial advice

    Other than for insolvency practitioners and firms, HubSolv Messenger is especially valuable for financial advisors and lenders, as it can help to replace the inconvenient traditional ways of checking individuals’ affordability and credit worthiness for responsible lending.

    The platform categorises transactions to identify any concerns in spending habits, enabling lenders to assess the risks and make informed decisions on one’s eligibility for a loan – quicker than ever before.

    We all know that time is money, especially in the financial industry, and with HubSolv Messenger we have created a quick and reliable environment to speed up the process of checking customers’ affordability for borrowing or qualifying debtors for Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Trust Deeds or Debt Management Plans (DMPs).

    HubSolv Messenger is a web-based application, meaning its use is as simple as loading it online on your phone or any device – no need for downloads or installation. Visit our website to learn more or request a demo.

    HubSolv Messenger screens
    HubSolv Messenger

  • Launch of HubSolv’s Client Portal

    8th June 2017   |   Company

    On the 8th of June 2017, we celebrated the launch of HubSolv’s client portal – a simple yet powerful instant messaging tool to transform the way you communicate with clients.

    Ibby is a web-based application that allows users to chat one-to-one and exchange information in real-time to verify credit search, bank transactional data and ID’s. The portal connects seamlessly with HubSolv, so all files are stored against individual cases for a faster, optimised case management process.

    The release of HubSolv’s client messenger provides a modern solution to improve communication and efficiency – making it much easier to qualify customers for debt cases and lending options. It is a well-known fact that Millennials are more comfortable sharing personal information via text and messaging apps than through any other media, which presents the opportunity for businesses to gather data in a quick and secure environment.

    Our exclusive launching event took place at the King Street Town House Hotel in Manchester, where we presented the exciting new tool to a group of carefully selected industry guests. It was a fantastic occasion to celebrate the launch and network with our industry peers, who welcomed the introduction of the Ibby with great feedback.

    Author’s note: In February 2019, we rebranded our client portal and changed the name from Ibby to HubSolv Messenger.


  • Integration with Signable: Say hello to eSignatures

    5th November 2016   |   Integrations

    Our integration with Signable makes it easy for you to get documents signed; saving you time and helping to simplify administrative processes.

    We are constantly working on enhancing our management platform to harmonise and streamline processes across debtors, creditors and insolvency firms. Hence, our integration with Signable is a step forward and a partnership that aligns well with our mission.

    With the Signable integration built in HubSolv, users can easily send documents to clients and get them signed in return – quickly and without any hassle.

    Why digital signatures?

    Paper documents and paper-based signing are fast becoming a thing of the past. With electronic signatures (eSignatures), people can affix a signature using different digital devices. eSignatures are legally binding, safe and secure. The Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation) helps to provide a predictable regulatory environment to enable secure and smooth electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities.

    Our partnership with Signable aids our clients in further reducing unnecessary admin and speeding up processes. For instance, when managing debt cases, clients have to wait for a letter of authority to be reviewed and signed by the debtor before proceeding, which was traditionally done by post. Signable allows legally binding documents to be transferred via HubSolv within minutes. This eradicates the traditional posting method and simplifies the process for our clients to start work faster.

    Debt is a sensitive matter which can negatively impact an individual’s quality of life. As we aim to harmonise the experience for all parties involved, partnering with Signable assists us in providing our users with a time-effective, simple experience.

    How to use?

    As a HubSolv user, you can start making the most of eSignatures right away – all you need to get started is a Signable account.

    Read this article to learn more about using digital signatures in HubSolv. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at helpdesk@hubsolv.com