Check out the HubSolv Messsenger

Introducing a new way for businesses to communicate with their clients. HubSolv Messenger is an instant messaging channel which connects Hubsolv users and their clients.

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HubSolv Messenger works as a client portal allowing Hubsolv users to send and receive ID's and relevant documents, pull Credit Reports, Bank Statements and DVLA checks - all within one platform.

The release of HubSolv Messenger provides a solution that improves client communication and work efficiency. It has been proven that Millennials are more comfortable sharing personal information via text than any other media. These findings create an opportunity for businesses to find and receive data in a fast and secure environment.

It allows you to perform checklist tasks within the chat, including:

  • Bank Statement Uploads
  • Credit Searches
  • DVLA Checks
  • Document Uploads

What to expect

  • Professional messenger tool to communicate directly with your clients
  • Files can be shared and uploaded directly to your HubSolv
  • Smart filing system which automatically loads documents into folders
  • Saved conversation history
  • No need to download applications - Compatible across all browser types
  • Mobile & desktop friendly


  • Let your clients gather all supporting documents with their phone
  • Real time chat environment like WhatsApp and Messenger. Secure and convenient way for debtors to finalise their debt solution
  • Affordability and outstanding debts verified within 5 minutes
  • Automate responses to debtors