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  • Credit Reporting and Bank Statements made simple with HubSolv Messenger

    14th December 2018   |   Software Updates

    Since we introduced HubSolv Messenger (formerly Ibby) just over a year ago, we have seen an ever-increasing interest in the use of its features – in particular, the Credit Search and Bank Connect functionalities available through the portal.

    With the Credit reporting feature built in our platform, users are able to run a credit search on any debtor to instantly find out who the individual’s creditors are, see the exact amount outstanding and obtain full credit reference numbers.

    Credit reporting has long been a decades-old method, but we’re bringing the process to the 21st century with HubSolv Messenger, where credit searching takes only a few minutes. We make it simple and quick for Insolvency Firms to run partial or full credit searches, and get the information required to pass on to creditors with ease.

    Also, with our recently added e-KYC feature, companies are able to receive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) reports as part of the Credit Reporting process. Our AML checks electronically verify individuals’ identity and residency, and check the subject’s name against relevant sanction lists and databases to help companies with KYC and AML compliance.

    Our Bank Connect functionality, on the other hand, is a major benefit which allows you to access personal bank statements to verify a person’s income, detect and categorise transactions, and identify someone’s true affordability.

    For insolvency, lending and financial advice

    Other than for insolvency practitioners and firms, HubSolv Messenger is especially valuable for financial advisors and lenders, as it can help to replace the inconvenient traditional ways of checking individuals’ affordability and credit worthiness for responsible lending.

    The platform categorises transactions to identify any concerns in spending habits, enabling lenders to assess the risks and make informed decisions on one’s eligibility for a loan – quicker than ever before.

    We all know that time is money, especially in the financial industry, and with HubSolv Messenger we have created a quick and reliable environment to speed up the process of checking customers’ affordability for borrowing or qualifying debtors for Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Trust Deeds or Debt Management Plans (DMPs).

    HubSolv Messenger is a web-based application, meaning its use is as simple as loading it online on your phone or any device – no need for downloads or installation. Visit our website to learn more or request a demo.

    HubSolv Messenger screens
    HubSolv Messenger
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