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  • CreditorDesk: The new secure way to interact with Creditors

    29th October 2019   |   Company

    We at HubSolv are delighted to announce the launch of CreditorDesk; a new tool to streamline the admin process and improve efficiencies in the exchange of files and information between creditors and insolvency firms.

    With the initial release in October, insolvency practitioners can post relevant case information and documents to CreditorDesk directly from HubSolv. Creditors can login to the portal to access and securely download documents (up to 10 files at a time). Files can be assigned to creditors; tags can be added to help identify documentation; and there are handy filters to search records by creditor name, case number or source.

    CreditorDesk will allow insolvency firms to easily post case information to creditors, reducing time and costs involved in postage or manual processes. Creditors require a considerable amount of paperwork for every case – the secure platform of CreditorDesk provides the digital means to facilitate interaction and file exchange.

    Coming soon, we will be adding exciting new features to make the entire process for creditors slick and paperless:

    – Ability to upload POD and proxy forms

    – Ability for creditors to submit votes, claim amounts and modifications

    – Notifications to keep up to date with case progress, documents and reports

    – Open API for creditors to integrate with their own systems

    If you would like to find out more about CreditorDesk, contact us at, or call us on 0141 739 7210.


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