Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We hope that you find what you need below, but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use HubSolv as an IVA management software?

Absolutely, but also much more than that! HubSolv was thoughtfully designed as an IVA and debt management software to suit insolvency professionals and firms. Our software solutions cater for players in the debt recovery industry ranging from introducers, insolvency practitioners, debt companies and financial advisers.  

I am not an insolvency firm but I introduce and package IVAs, Trust Deeds and bankruptcies to an insolvency firm. Will this software help me?

Certainly. This software was born out of a need from introducers and packagers in the debt and insolvency industry. The software is packed with time saving tools that will improve conversions, reduce repetition and manage your leads in the best way possible.

Can our company afford it?

Our software is cloud based so there are no unnecessary installation costs. There is also very little risk as you pay for HubSolv monthly and can cancel at any time. Read more about our fair and transparent pricing policy here

Should I use other software for managing my leads?

You could, but you would miss out on some of HubSolv’s best features. HubSolv has industry standard lead management capabilities that will help you qualify and convert cases quicker than ever before.

How can this software make our company more compliant?

With HubSolv you can be sure to be working in a compliant environment that promotes best advice when dealing with debtors. Customisable checklists allow you to ensure you gather all the required data for every case. All the information is stored on a granular basis and can be pulled into reports for auditing purposes. We can also provide integrated telephony and call recording if required.

What if I need to update case information when I’m not in the office?

No problem. Hubsolv is mobile and tablet ready so you can update cases from anywhere, on any device.

Can I restrict access for certain staff members?

Yes, HubSolv is roles and permissions based so you can set privileges for all your users from sale staff, advisors, admin and management.

Does HubSolv provide credit reports and bank statements to analyse personal debts and affordability?

Yes – through our automated client portal, HubSolv users can connect with their clients via instant messaging to verify individuals’ ID, pull Credit Reports, AML checks, Bank Statements and upload relevant documents for every case – all with the click of a button. HubSolv Messenger fully integrates with HubSolv’s case management platform – storing files and organising documents automatically for optimum case management.

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