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  • How IPs and creditors are using CreditorDesk to improve file exchange

    10th March 2020   |   Guides

    In October 2019, we launched the initial release of CreditorDesk: a new technology dedicated to improving creditor communication and file management. The number of subscribers has been growing quickly, and we are excited to see how creditors have been making the most of the features to enhance the way they interact with insolvency firms.

    A cloud-based application, CreditorDesk has been designed with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. The portal allows insolvency practitioners to post relevant information and files directly from HubSolv, and creditors to securely download all documents required for every case.

    Files can be assigned to creditors and identified with handy tags. Creditors can see notifications for new documents, and download multiple files at the same. All records are organised for improved efficiency; they can be filtered by source, creditor name or case number.

    Firms utilising HubSolv’s new creditor portal are already benefitting from a more efficient and streamlined process – saving time and money. The exchange of information between IPs and creditors has traditionally been largely paper-based, but CreditorDesk provides the means to digitise file exchange, and mitigate the hassles of postage and manual processes.

    We are bringing new features to make CreditorDesk the go-to file management tool for creditors. Other than the easiest and safest way to access all relevant documents sent from IPs, creditors will be able to submit votes, claim amounts and modifications on IVA proposals; upload proxy forms and POD; and receive notifications on case progress, new files and reports.

    An open API will also be available for creditors to easily integrate the technology with their own systems.

    Seamless integration with Decision Procedure and MOC functionality within HubSolv

    HubSolv’s IVA module comes with an advanced decision procedure tab, where firms can easily propose cases, hold the Meeting of Creditors and produce the relevant Notice of Meetings. All documentation is seamlessly imported into CreditorDesk, for a two-way interaction to take place and to give creditors the ability to submit their own documentation, submit votes, and ultimately access the Chairman’s Report following IVA approval.

    We’re continuously working on enhancing our systems to fully digitise the entire IVA process for creditors and insolvency firms.

    Find out more about CreditorDesk: Contact us at, or call us on 0141 739 7210.


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