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  • HubSolv’s 2020 Wrapped

    17th December 2020   |   Moving

    In Spotify style, we’re taking a look back at how 2020 has treated HubSolv. And while none of us are exactly sad to see the back of this year, we can’t deny we’ve had a pretty good one!

    Yearly stats:
    -68 new customers;
    3,416,981 docs generated (!!!);
    -43,478 Messenger conversations;
    -40,000 credit searches;
    -7,719 Bank Connects

    We’ve made some changes to our I&E Module

    You asked, and we listened! We’ve revamped the SFS module to be more user friendly and allow you to expand and collapse subcategories of Income and Expenditure. This will mean you can navigate to items easily to limit the amount of scrolling on each page.

    You can open and close each subcategory by simply clicking on the title, and expand or collapse the notes for each item by clicking on the specific Income or Expenditure Item. There is also a toggle to allow you to Show/Hide your “Add” buttons, and clicking on this toggle allows you to add in more than one type of expense.

    The rest of the functions in the SFS tab have remained the same, so you can still see a summary and compare versions. We’re always looking to improve the user experience and hope you enjoy the new and improved SFS tab! Contact our Support Team if you’d like further information.

    New Product Announcement! HubSolv for Corporate Insolvency, coming soon!

    HubSolv case management software is the newest addition to the HubSolv product suite and was developed in conjunction with the requirements of one of the top 4 accountancy firms in the UK.
    Our corporate product ensures work is efficiently distributed amongst insolvency teams depending on the case type. The cutting-edge workflow builder allows for automation of tasks and workloads which ensures statutory requirements and case milestones are always met while reducing administrative burden on staff.
    Central to HubSolv for Corporate is collaboration. The environment makes it easy to work together on tasks and communicate efficiently with staff members, creditors, clients and other interested parties.
    Document automation also ensures consistency and compliance throughout the insolvency process.
    We are able to offer a consultative service that will help improve the speed you progress cases or you are free to fully customise these automation flows yourself through the HubSolv workflow builder to suit each firm’s needs.
    We are super excited to be launching HubSolv for Corporate in Q1 of the New Year. Contact Courtney if you’d like to discuss the upcoming functionality further.

    New Best Advice Module:

     We’ve also recently developed a new Best Advice Tab to help users to identify the correct solution for a customer. Based on case parameters such as disposable income, debts, employment and assets, the Best Advice Tab will identify reasons for and against each solution.

    Some of the reasons for and against are dynamic and will pre-populate based on the customer’s circumstances. The user will be prompted to make sure the Client Details, I&E, Debts, Employment & Assets tabs have been completed before choosing a solution. Each solution can be expanded to see an explanation of how that solution works and you can navigate between the reasons for and against each solution.

    All solutions have dynamic functionality to help determine which solution is appropriate and speed up the advice journey. Once the user has chosen the appropriate solution the system can generate and deliver a Recommendation Pack to the customer by e-sign and pass the case to the solutions provider of your choice. Contact us for a demonstration of the Best Advice Tab and to find out how it can help you!

    Don’t Forget!

    With Brexit coming into effect on 1st January, Insolvency Practitioners will need to update their IVA/Trust Deed proposals to clarify their jurisdiction. Please contact our Support Team at so we can advise you on how to make these template changes.

    And that’s our 2020 wrapped! From all of us here at HubSolv – wishing you and yours a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

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