How can our software help you?

We have created a complete case management solution (CMS) for insolvency and debt management, incorporating all the tools you need to run cases in an efficient and compliant manner. From customer relationship management (CRM), automated documents, client communication, banking and cashiering automation, file management and more. 

Client Management

HubSolv is a powerful lead management system that will rival any industry leader. Explore its capabilities.

Case Management

Complete case management to handle any case from start to finish. Deal with the most intricate requirements with our efficient and compliant solution.

Credit Search

Instant messaging portal to automate Credit searching. Get Credit Reports, Bank Statements, AML checks, upload documents and verify ID's - all within seconds.

Document Generation

Powerful document templating engine for rapid production of merged case documents.

Automated Tasking

Never miss requirements and ensure every case runs in an efficient and compliant manner.

Dialler Integration

We support two dialler integrations to cover your telephony needs.

Income & Expenditure

Take relevant information to build a picture of clients and run the decision engine to see the best options available.

SMS & Email

Manage all emails and SMS from HubSolv. Automate communication, create templates, and schedule auto messages to receive correspondence directly into the case file.

What type of business are you?

Our software caters for different types of businesses within the insolvency and debt management sector.


Supercharge your marketing and sales processes for financial services. Qualify debt cases and integrate with some of the largest insolvency firms in the UK with our fully automated platform.

  • Integrate with marketing websites
  • Sales automation built in
  • Credit Searching
  • Bank Connect built in
  • Report builder
  • Digital signatures
  • Dialler integration

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Insolvency Firms

Insolvency Practitioners and Firms can make the most of our Pre-appointment and Post-appointment modules, Income and Expenditure screens and every tool for handling IVAs, DMPs and Trust Deeds.

  • Automate pre-appointments
  • Document management
  • Digital signatures
  • Credit Searching
  • Automate email/SMS communication
  • Rapidly qualify debtors
  • Banking automation

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Financial Advisors

Our software's tools are customisable for all financial products. Integrate with partners, automate payments, tasks and communication. Use powerful automations to drive your IFA business.

  • KYC built in
  • Credit search integration
  • Fintech affordability assessments
  • Call centre capabilities
  • One click packaged case
  • Digital signatures
  • Workflow automations

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