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The beating heart of your business is here. We are bringing financial advice into the 21st century with a suite of tools for Independent Financial Advisors to accelerate their business.

Lead management

Exceed sales targets every month with intelligent sales automation tools.

Marketing automation

Generate more leads and work on selling to the most engaged customers.

Document automation

Automate the generation of key fact documents, letters of engagement and more.


Automate processes throughout the customer life cycle and make sure staff are working through compliant processes.

Digital signatures

No more hard copies. Make the most of digital signatures to speed up document and approval processes.

HubSolv Messenger

Our instant messaging tool provides the ultimate client portal to communicate with clients, receive ID's and other supporting documentation, and integrate seamlessly with HubSolv.

Credit search

Credit search capabilities built in.

Affordability checks

Live bank transactional data available to assess customers true affordability.

Guaranteed to improve leads, sales, support and compliance

50 minutes

Average time saved by automation per customer.

40% lead to sales improvement

Customers on average report an improvement of 40% on sales after using HubSolv.

35% increase in revenue

Sales and marketing automation results in drastic increase in revenue.

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Our account managers offer training and proactive setup service to ensure efficiencies are delivered from day one.

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