A wide range of features to manage personal insolvency cases more efficiently

Our powerful and fully automated software empowers insolvency practitioners to maximise productivity across their debt portfolios.

HubSolv has been thoughtfully designed to fit the entire debt industry echo system, providing an effective solution for managing Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Trust Deeds. Discover our full-suite of features to see why IPs and insolvency firms prefer HubSolv.

Fit for IVA, Trust Deeds and DMPs

Our software has been designed for efficient management of IVAs, DMPs and Trust Deeds. With Pre-appointment and Post-appointment modules, HubSolv provides a complete solution for Insolvency Practitioners across the UK.

Debtor qualifying tool

Quickly assess debtors' income and expenditure using CFS or SFS guidelines. Run the decision engine to find the best solution available to debtors and instantly generate proposals.

Automations for the entire process

Automate the pre-appointment process, proposals and meetings with creditors with a few clicks. Follow up effectively on every case with automated tasks, reminders, emails and SMS messages.

Banking automation

Full banking integration – connect directly to your bank to process receipts and payments with ease. Automate arrears handling and set auto reconciliation of transactions within our banking module.

Credit Search

Connect with customers via the HubSolv Messenger for instant Credit searching with full reference numbers. Send and receive ID documents, upload Bank Statements and perform DVLA checks in seconds.

Compliance packs

To ensure unbiased and best advice is given throughout, HubSolv provides compliant document packs and fully customisable checklists to help guide you through compliant advisory.

Sage Pay integration

HubSolv integrates with Sage Pay to set up reoccurring card payments – make payments simple, automated and secure.

Customisable diary lines

Customise diary lines to every insolvency. Set tasks for your team and alerts for statutory requirements, and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

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