Why use Hubsolv case management?

HubSolv’s powerful automations aid in reducing unnecessary admin, for managing insolvency cases more efficiently. Our fully featured software improves productivity and collaboration amongst staff members, whilst helping your team to ensure compliance and statutory requirements are met.


Simple pricing model which allows the costs to be recovered as a category 1 disbursement.

Powerhouse Diary lines

The beating heart of your insolvency case management. Never miss statutory requirements or other case tasks again.

Centralised Documents

Generate and upload documents straight into a client’s record in Hubsolv. Update on the move and more.

Creditor Desk

Publish case information to the secure Creditor Desk for creditors to respond and make claims.

Banking Automation

Banking integration like never before. Connect directly to your bank and process receipts and payments with a few clicks.

Compliant Environment

HubSolv tracks customer vulnerability, complaints, calculates fees and provides granular reports for auditing purposes. We include the latest guidelines for compliance and promote completely unbiased, best advice throughout.

Fit for the full debt industry echo system

Whether you are a debt management company, insolvency firm or introducer to these companies, HubSolv's lead management platform will supercharge your processes and improve conversion rates.

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