Manage, advise and convert leads

HubSolv is the most powerful front end tool for the insolvency and debt management industry. HubSolv provides all the benefits of the most powerful CRM’s with insolvency and debt management workflows to help you qualify and sign cases quicker than ever before.

Automatic follow-ups

Instantly schedule sequences of re-contact reminders, personalised emails, letters and SMS text messages.

Wherever, whenever

HubSolv is cloud based and mobile friendly allowing you to update cases from anywhere.

Workflow automation

Trigger marketing chases or insolvency processes and easily configure to your requirements.

Rapid Documents

Automate proposals and packs. Store all case documents to each case and save time on searching for important information.

Improve productivity

Spend more time helping debtors and less time on admin.

Dialler Integration

We seamlessly integrate with progressive diallers for enhanced productivity.

Have a clear view on converting cases

Create elegant pipelines that improve productivity and conversion rates. Focus on important cases and rapidly qualify debtors.

Task based

Improve productivity with automated task based processes to ensure debtors are dealt with efficiently.


Rapidly assess debtor’s income and expenditure and run the decision engine to see the best solution available to them.

Instant proposals

Generate proposal packs to be emailed or printed with the click of a button.

Fit for the full debt industry echo system

Whether you are a debt management company, insolvency firm or introducer to these companies, HubSolv's lead management platform will supercharge your processes and improve conversion rates.

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