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  • When business as usual becomes unusual – Tips to make the most of HubSolv

    23rd March 2020   |   Guides

    With the ongoing health crisis brought globally by COVID-19, there have been significant changes to the day-to-day lives of the public. The guidelines introduced by the government to mitigate infection rates through social-distancing and self-isolation have begun to take effect. Across the country, businesses have, where possible, made the switch to work remotely in order to continue their operations.

    At HubSolv, we quickly took the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our team and business continuity. The health and wellbeing of our employees and our communities is of paramount importance to us. Following government guidelines to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we implemented working from home across the business. We enabled our team to continue to support our customers via our usual phone lines and via

    We know that, like ourselves and virtually every other business out there, our customers are also adapting to the situation, so we have put together some common hints and tips to try and assist you with making the most of HubSolv and the software’s features in the current circumstances.

    Download our guide in PDF format here.

    Groups, Roles and Capabilities

    As much as we would all like to maintain a business as usual approach, the situation may bring some inevitable challenges to people’s usual work routine – and as a result – their job role or responsibilities may change depending on circumstances.

    The following help guides will assist with the setting up of Groups, Campaigns and Role Capabilities:

    Signing Documents Digitally

    With social distancing in effect, firms are currently experiencing difficulties obtaining signatures for documentation and statutory paperwork. Electronic signatures can come handy, given the circumstances, and you can take advantage of our integration with Signable to allow you to collect digital signatures.

    The following guides will help you set up Signable into your Hubsolv, and advise on how best to make alterations to your document templates stored within the system:

    Workflows and Triggers

    With the possibility for a reduced staffing level, HubSolv can automate many processes using workflows and triggers.

    The following guides will assist with setting up system-generated actions, which can be integrated with SMS/Email templates and calls to action:


    CreditorDesk is a new HubSolv product dedicated to improving creditor communication and file management. Creditors and insolvency practitioners can benefit from the use of CreditorDesk, which enables them to post case-related information and files directly from HubSolv, as well as securely download all documentation attached to each case.

    By sending files and documents digitally, not only will you eliminate postage costs, but also speed up the process of delivering information to creditors.

    To find out more about how to get Creditor Desk on your Hubsolv – contact, or call on 0141 739 7210

    We are here to support you

    If you require any assistance or help with any of these hints or tips, or anything else, please contact our Support team by email –, or call 0141 404 9399.

    Resources and information on COVID-19

    The impact of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is being felt around the world. The debt industry is also taking a hit from the crisis. With salary incomes falling and unemployment rates likely to go up, many individuals struggling with debt, as well as people who are enrolled in Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) or Debt Management Plans (DMPs), will be worrying about their finances, and whether they will be able to continue to make payments.

    Step Change Debt Charity and Debt Camel have published guides online with advice for debtors who may be concerned about keeping up with payments.

    Institutions in the financial sector are having to adjust to the situation and show solidarity. Due to COVID-19, some organisations have already introduced changes and ways to support people experiencing financial struggles as a result of the pandemic. Some banks and mortgage lenders have announced measures to offer support for customers and businesses affected.

    Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) has suspended sale and eviction from property in ongoing bankruptcy administrations. AiB are also introducing new measures to simplify procedures for seeking debt relief through bankruptcy, and to offer greater flexibility to those who need more time to pay their debts through the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS). This action will also help alleviate the administrative burden on frontline money advisers and insolvency practitioners.

    We strongly encourage everyone to follow guidelines from the government and practice self-isolation, in order to help stop the spread and mitigate the devastating effects that this situation is having on our communities. We must all act responsibly, and take the necessary steps to keep ourselves and our communities safe and well supported.

    For further information on COVID-19, please visit:
    NHS –
    GOV UK –


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